La aventura comienza


Here we start:

Two citizens/occupants/residents of the real Eastside of Los Angeles in search of the city. Surviving on a poverty (slave) wage and little else we embark on this journey. The summer lies ahead ; the oppurtunities seem to open with the heat of this season so tied to the produced image of this city. With none but our meager resources to block our engagements, we will re-claim/re-bolster/re-define all that which often goes for as unknown/forgetten/ignored.

It will not be an easy task. The city is vast, and the circulation of humans is very controlled and supervised ; something we will have to work with/against. We will prove that those who deride Los Angeles as empty, hollow, superficial really only show their ignorance and not their knowledge of a city replete with unknown/forgotten/ignored history.

This endeavour will not be purely cerebreal but it will be at times. We are looking to escape the tyranny of minutiae, the monopoly of distraction that consumer society holds.

It will be joyous ; it will be enlightening ; it will be fun without post-modern irony.

It just may outlive the summer yet.